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You, just like many before you, may have a common question we can answer here and gladly go into more detail in-person. Your roof is important and is a big investment so we understand the questions and concerns people feel before we start a project, but that’s why we’re always more than happy to answer anything either over the phone, through email, or in-person before we even begin working. Never hesitate to reach out to us.
A home is one of the largest investments you’ll have in your life, so ensuring your roof is well looked after is crucial. Our contractors here at Community Roofing and Contracting are fully insured, certified, and have undergone all necessary safety training courses.
We proudly carry Owens Corning roofing products – one of the best in the roofing business. They’ve been making high-quality shingles for 90 years now and know a great deal about what it takes to create reliable and longlasting products. We stand behind the brands we use and will gladly send you more information on the product before diving into a project.
Of course not. Our contractors do their due diligence when it comes to working promptly but quietly and will not disturb you if you work from home. You’ll obviously hear banging but we remain respectful at all times. If you have kids or pets, it would be best not to let them outside while we’re working in order to avoid any falling debris. We’ll also ask that you move your car from the driveway or move any outdoor furniture, just to play it safe.
One of the top reasons you’ll know if you need a replacement is if you’re experiencing leaking, particularly from a few different areas. From the ground, you may also be able to see shingles curling or flaking. The best way to tell if you need the whole roof replaced, rather than just repaired, is by contacting a professional to provide you with a thorough roof inspection. By contacting us today, we can inspect your roof and supply you with a free estimate.
A roof should be able to last upwards of 35-50 years, but this will depend on the quality of the work and materials used. Another thing to consider is the weather your roof will endure. We’ll help homeowners determine the best materials for their roof and offer tips on how to ensure it lasts as long as possible.


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Our proud and local shop is located in Barrie, Ontario on Jewel House Lane. We’re a very community-focused business and gladly serve the areas listed below.


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